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"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed,
and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it
with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
- H.L. Mencken

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Leader of Al Qaeda group in Iraq was fictional,
U.S. military says?

This months video...
  Aegis "Trophy" Video in Iraq   

 Killing Iraqi civilians for fun

Bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11!
"The FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden with the 9/11 attacks on america"
- FBI spokesman Rex Tomb

New book by 9/11 commission co-chairman- NORAD FAA DOD Pentagon LIED
Watch CNN Video Lou Dobbs comments
"The fact that they would continue and perpetuate the lie,
suggests that we need a FULL investigation of what is going on
and what is demonstrably an incompetent and what is

worse,a deceitful Federal Government."
- Lou Dobbs CNN

There has never been an independent inquiry in the events of 9/11.
Despite two years of repeated attempts by the families of the victims of September 11,
there has never been an independent investigation of What Really Happened that day.
Is there an Ongoing Coverup?

    * Both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney took extraordinary steps to
       limit any investigation into the events of 9/11.
    * The NTSB never held inquiries into any of the 4 plane crashes, as required by law,
       and the FBI is withholding the data from the airliner's flight recorders.
    * All of the steel from the Twin Towers was shipped out of the country
      before any investigation was held.

The media says that Bin Laden carried out the 9/11 attacks from the caves of Afghanistan,
yet after a supposedly "thorough" investigation, the FBI says they have not uncovered
a single piece of paper that mentioned any aspect of the Sept. 11 plot.
Some are starting to ask:Osama Bin Asset?

   * 7 of the supposed "hijackers" turned out to be alive and not even in the US on 9/11.
    * 3 of the "hijackers" listed a US Navy base as their address on their drivers licences.

The Twin Towers didn't collapse, they exploded outwards;
parts of the buildings were ejected as far as 70 m. before they began to fall,
and the buildings' concrete was reduced to fine dust.
What really brought down the Twin Towers?

    * No steel structured skyscraper in history has collapsed due to fire.
    * The steel support columns in the sub-basement of the Twin Towers were melted,
      and five weeks later, were still pools of molten steel.

They say an airliner crashed into the Pentagon,
but if so, why isn't there the debris of an airliner
in the photos of the scene of the Pentagon Attack?

    * There's no airliner debris at the Pentagon, and the deep and focused damage
      to the building could not be from an airliner crash.
    * The FBI is withholding 2 videos that may show what really hit the Pentagon,
      and the photos from the DoD Pentagon security camera have been falsified.    

The 47 story World Trade Center Building Number 7 was levelled in 8 seconds,
seven hours after the Twin Towers came down. As it hadn't been hit by any plane,
nor sustained any significant damage from the "collapse" of Twin Towers
earlier two buildings away, why did Building 7 Collapse?

    * The photographs show that there was no any major fire in the building at the time.
    * The videos clearly show that it was a controlled demolition.

The source of the anthrax was the US Military biological weapons program.
The anthrax was identified as a strain used by the US government, 
and the anthrax used was weaponized according to the American process.
Are American terrorists behind the Anthrax Attacks?

    * The anthrax terrorist(s) worked for the US Military or their contractors,
      and the attacks were planned before 9/11.
    * The targets of the anthrax attacks were the Senators who opposed the
       USA Patriot [sic] Act, which was then 
       passed by Congress without its being printed or read.


The Schmitz Family
- A Key Nazi Connection to 9/11
Rebuttal to the IG's
Able Danger Report
PROJECT ANTHRAX  Overview of evidence for controlled demolition
- Scholars for 9-11 truth
- By James Fetzer
More in the Wiki

Iraq Deaths Estimator
Whats HOT ?
The mystery surrounding the death of John O'Neill

9/11 Plane photos
Pictures of flight 175 just before it hits the tower
Plane video shows WTC exercise
>Video of a plane passing the World Trade tower after flight 11 hit it

Pentagon Video Security Gate Cam
September 11th CCTV Frames
Wolrd Trade plane parts and engine debris

The Flying Elephant: Evidence for Involvement
of a Third Jet in the WTC Attacks
Evidence of Explosives In The Twin Tower Collapses.
Flight 175 Photo,
 just before impact with the WTC.
9/11 Pentagon Photos
September 11 Videos WTC Plane Engine

Flight 77 Black Boxes

There's Something About Omar:
Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11

Rare amateur and unseen 9-11 photos WTC pictures
Response to snopes
pentagon "rumor" urban legend


9/11 Rescuer Saw Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

In an exclusive Killtown interview, Ground Zero EMT Patricia Ondrovic
talks about her harrowing day at the WTC on Septmber 11th.
Within minutes after the South Tower collapses,
 she witnessed the WTC 5 blowing up,
cars exploding, and explosions inside the lobby of the WTC 6,
all the while narrowly escaping with her own life.
FBI must correct disclosures on evacuation of Saudis

Judicial Watch, is looking into the flight of the Suadi's,
just after September 11th, when others were not able to fly.
Members of the Bin Laden Family, and others from the House of Saud,
suddenly left the US, during the "no fly" times after 9-11.
BUT, Who's watching Judicial Watch ?

Brads Batcave 9/11

Brad's Batcave 9/11 Video and photo analysis

below: Image from Jet port gas station video. This was supposedly taken on Sept 10 2001
Clearly, it says 11-10-01 (November). Did someone fudge the photo, or is ATTA still alive ?

This was not a camera mis-date. November 10 (11-10-01) does NOT fall on a MONDAY.

picture clearly states MONDAY !

video scan of Mohammed Atta on september 10. video says November 2001 is Atta still alive ?

Was the term "PULL IT" and industry term prior to 9/11 ?

It was, but  911Review.Com wants you to think it wasn't !

The alleged hijackers and their doubles :

(by JohnDoe2)

How many Mohammed Atta's were there ?
Much more here on Mohammed Atta
New from Woody Box !

Mineta and the elusive plane crash at Camp David
by Woody Box

9/11 Cell Phone Calls
Cell Phones and 9/11
- Technical discussion by physics 9/11 research group

New Pentagon Video from Judicial Watch 
FOIA request
May 16 2006

Michael Kane: "9/11 War Games 
- No Coincidence"

Cell Phones

As a Cell phone engineer, I was suspicous right away 
about those calls.

Though many of the calls were made from seat-back (airphones), many were still (supposedly) made by cell phones.
Although i find it hard to beleive that the calls were faked,
I think that may not be the only answer.

Its possible that the calls came from another plane, 
or that the plane that was tracked (as in the case of flight 93) 
may not have been at the altitude reported
So, I decided to write a piece about 
the possibility of looking at the calls from
A Cellular Engineering Perspective

The Missing "Flight 91"

Note that a huge number of "flight 93" passengers rebooked from "flight 91"
Here is a summary from a team8plus-correspondent, who just watched it:
"....It was about three people who had planned
 to go on flight 93 but then didn't. One,
whose name
 was given as Frank Robertazzi, 
said he decided
to leave a little later than the time scheduled for flight 93

so he changed his ticket for a seat on flight 91,
which was scheduled to leave at 9 a.m.

TV viewers were given a shot of the ticket. It listed UA 91,
September 11, gate 18,  boarding at 8:50 a.m.
According to Mr. Robertazzi, he went to the airport to catch that flight but was told it was cancelled because of the plane that flew into Tower One.
Flight 93 Plane swap over Pennsylvania
Flight 93 and his Double

When beginning my research into the emergency landing
of Delta Flight 1989at Cleveland
which resulted in The Cleveland Airport Mystery,
I stumbled into a mess of conflicting reports
making it impossible  to obtain
a clear picture of the fate of this airplane.
 I soon realized, however, that the numerous
contradictions could be elegantly solved 
by postulating the existence of two different airplanes.

Now, by a process comparable to the untangling
of two twisted phone cords,it was possible to establish
a consistent timeline for each of both planes.
This article deals with the last ten minutes
of Flight 93 over Pennsylvania and, encountering
the same contradictions, uses the same methods
 to solve them. The available accounts on Flight 93
are contradictory concerning its radar status, altitude,
and flight path while being in Pennsylvania airspace. 
The best explanation: there were two different airplanes.

New Articles from Alex Constantine

Visit the Index of Alex Constantine for all articles

Conspiracy Theory Encephalopods are Deranged and Really have the Bollocks

Right-Wing Christian Connections to Heaven's Gate Research

Comair Crash Peculiarities

Computer Sciences Corporation CSC - SAIC NSA Digital Rights Management
- Dyncorp falls church

Michael Hayden's Ties to 9/11, Hookergate, PSYOPS, etc..

The Infamous Israeli "Art Students" Had No Role in 9/11

Khashoggi, Part 36: Who Mentored Michael Hayden?

PROJECT ANTHRAX 6 part series

TV Fakery - Randy Hill, ICT, DARPA, AI, 9/11 videos etc.

Mind Control at MIT

Google and the CIA

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Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes - several pilots DEAD Keith Olberman video on Bush Speech on more troops in Iraq War
Keith Olberman video: Special Comment
on the President's Address and Iraq War
2 videos by Keith with comments from crooks and liars

Top CIA Official Under Investigation
No. 3 Official at CIA
Is Subject of Investigation Related to Bribery Probe
US security firm Blackwater banned from Iraq

Ties between southern Christian fundamentalists

Offutt AFB - Warren Buffett - George Bush - 9/11
TUOHEY witness Atta - drivers license Florida
- wearing jacket tie

9/11 911video.de september 11 conspiracy videos
Loose Change +other languages

White House Nominee to Head the CIA
has Dubious Links to the Terror Network
Susan Lindauer-- Reporter Held Political Prisoner
to Cover Up U.S. Genocide in Iraq

In March 2001 Susan Lindauer carried a message from the Iraqi government
to her cousin,the White House Chief of Staff, (Andy Card)
requesting the return of weapons inspectors. This proved
that Iraq had no WMD, so the U.S. government knew that then.
Now they are holding Lindauer in prison on false claims of insanity,
and are about to commit and forcibly drug her,
 to prevent her from ever being able to tell her story.
 Susan Lindauer story   Developing

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9/11 pentagon WTC video photo theories

Pentagon 9-11 analysis. Plane, missile or bomb?

September 11th video collections
flight 93 - FAA flight maps radar 9/11

Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines Flight 11

Information on military exercises, Bio drills,
arms control, Iran, Iraq, China, and nuclear arms threats in 2001
{The Lesser Known} computer simulated war games 2001

{The Lesser Known} computer simulated war games
2001 part 2

more archived nuke and arms control info

Extreme War Game Coincidence ?

Agency planned exercise on Sept. 11
built around a plane crashing into a building?

Operation Pearl Physics 9-11 remote control scenario

Disinfo and what REALLY happened at the pentagon ?

Michael Kane: "9/11 War Games ? No Coincidence"

The lost "terror drills ? Pt.11a

The lost "terror drill"? Pt.11b

9/11 Encyclopedia

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Front-Page - 9/11 Encyclopedia Wiki
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Mariani Complaint - 9/11 Review

Bertrand Russell Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal - Contents
Scholars for 9/11 Truth (S9/11T)
is a non-partisan association of faculty, students, and scholars,
 in fields as diverse as history,
science, military affairs, psychology, and philosophy,
dedicated to exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind Septmber 11.
Eliot Spitzer - Princess Diana, Banks, Buffett,
Carlyle Group, 10 Downing Street...
George Washington and religion - NOT a christian?

Bu$h Family Babysitter Killed in Fairfax, VA

kidnapping of American journalist Jill Carroll - military Black Ops??
U.S. Army colonel charged in Abu Ghraib scandal The Flight From Iraq - refugee crisis
National Debt Graph (2007 Budget data) Investigators Say Millions Wasted in Iraq Reconstruction
9/11 : The Abu Ghraib-Titan- 9/11 Connection

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Rub a Dub Dub, Bush want's YOU to join the CLUB ? (Head Rub Fetish)

bUSH hUMOR political satire drunk twins photos jenna


flight 175 plane - pictures WTC 9/11

Video Evidence of Explosives
In The Twin Tower Collapses 9-11

Hurricane Katrina pictures
New Orleans superdome victims

World Trade Center Towers Core was Concrete 9/11
9/11 Pentagon Pictures
The Cleveland Airport Mystery - September 11
Plane video shows WTC exercise ? White jet
Analysis of the angle of attack
of the Pentagon plane flight 77

Plane Swap Over Pennsylvania Flight 93

Response to snopes pentagon "rumor"
 urban legend 9/11

Purdue Simulations 9/11 Attack

Phoenix - Memo - 9/11 Encyclopedia

Iran / Contra Connections to 9/11

Controlled Cleanup - 9/11 Encyclopedia

mysterious case of Dr. David Graham,
a dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana

David Kelly Murder - 9/11 Review

Bob Graham - 9/11 Encyclopedia

Michael Hayden 9/11 connection NSA

Beta Search - September 11th material

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From the Electronic Frontier Foundation's analysis of the Patriot Act
"Be careful what you put in that Google search.  The government may now spy on web surfing of innocent Americans, including terms entered into search engines, by merely telling a judge anywhere in the U.S. that the spying could lead to information that is 'relevant' to an ongoing criminal investigation. The person spied on does not have to be the target of the investigation. This application must be granted and the government is not obligated to report to the court or tell the person spied upon what it has done."

Google and the CIA

Index of Wget

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Photos

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plaguepuppy tower videos and analysis

Reopen 9/11 - Catch the Real Terrorists

Improbable Collapse is the first film to thoroughly review the evidence for WTC demolitions from a scientific perspective. We invite you to browse our site to get a sense of the subjects our film covers, >the extras on the DVD, and to learn more about a few of the many people who appear in the film.

9-11 blogger



Dr. Stefan G. E. Grossmann

Links page. Links to dozens of 9-11 sites

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